Don’t Miss The $200K Gtd PPC Malta Masters KO Live Stream

Don’t Miss The $200K Gtd PPC Malta Masters KO Reside Stream

A single of the largest guaranteed tournaments on the PPC Malta on-line schedule is nearing its conclusion and the partypoker Twitch team is on hand to bring you all of the final day’s action.

Some 3,346 partypoker players have purchased in so far but only 488 of those starters still have chips in front of them right now. These numbers are set to enhance courtesy of 4 a lot more Day 1s taking place these days, March 24.

Whoever buys into the remaining quartet of flights will have to be at their brilliant very best to catch the man at the moment prime of the chip counts. Germany’s Raul Stanoiev turned his one hundred,000 beginning stack into a tournament-leading two,277,821 throughout his Day 1. The German sent three opponents to the rail on his way to the summit, which implies he currently has $73.44 worth of bounty payments nestled safely away in his account. Seeing how this occasion only costs $55 to enter, Stanoiev is freerolling his way towards a significant slice of the principal prize pool.

Brazilian Naiquel Oliveria is Stanoiev’s nearest rival now with a two,272,151 stack. Oliveira eliminated an impressive 13 players while building his colossal stack, and has $208.59 worth of scalps to his name currently!

Amazingly, Oliveira’s bounty haul is not the largest due to the fact British grinder James Jones has currently earned $210.94 for the six players he busted. Jones have to have sent some higher-worth targets to the showers on his way to amassing 2,116,774 chips, which are sufficient for fifth spot in the present chip counts.

PPC Malta #03-M Masters KO Prime 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Bounties Chips
1 Raul Stanoiev Germany $73.44 2,277,821
two Naiquel Oliveira Brazil $208.59 2,272,151
3 Marko Kljajic Croatia $185.93 2,153,274
4 Ryan Kay Canada $156.25 two,153,209
5 James Jones United Kingdom $210.94 two,116,774
6 Henrique Da Silva United Kingdom $100 two,105,458
7 Pontus Dargen Sweden $100 1,983,762
eight Maximilian Schneider Germany $137.50 1,976,170
9 Anastasios Tompoidis Greece $179.69 1,844,959
10 Diogo Franco Brazil $50 1,836,707

Remaining Masters Day 1s

  • 14:05 GMT – eight-minute blinds
  • 16:05 GMT – eight-minute blinds
  • 18:05 GMT – 5-minute blinds
  • 19:05 GMT – three-minute blinds

There is nevertheless time to purchase into the PPC Malta #03-M Masters KO and see if you can get your hands on a slice of the $200,000 guaranteed prize pool. 4 more Day 1s remain on the schedule. The flights running at 14:05 GMT and 16:05 GMT have an eight-minute clock, the later 18:05 GMT flight plays to a 5-minute clock, with the final flight running at 19:05 GMT featuring 3-minute blinds.

Day two shuffles up and offers at 20:30 GMT with the reside stream, featuring James Dempsey, Henry Kilbane, and Michael Acevedo starting at 21:00 GMT prompt.

Don’t be concerned if you locate a $55 buy-in a small too steep for your bankroll due to the fact we have lots of satellites feeding into this tournament. They are phased satellites starting at a mere $.01, with $1.65, and $11 purchase-ins also obtainable.

In addition to the satellites, SPINS players have the chance to win PPC Malta tickets worth up to $320 for a $10 get-in. Be confident to check out the PPC Malta edition SPINS if you want a rapid-fire route into this live-streamed event.

Multiplier Prize Frequency in 1M Games
2 $20 cash 650,635
three.3 $33 PPC Malta On the web Occasion Ticket 252,115
5.5 $55 PPC Malta On-line Event Ticket 75,000
10.9 $109 PPC Malta Online Event Ticket 20,000
21.5 $215 PPC Malta On the web Occasion Ticket 1,500
32 $320 PPC Malta Online Event Ticket 750

The Most current Outcomes From the PPC Malta On-line Events

Occasion Entrants Prize pool Champion Prize
#14-H: $215 six-Max Deepstack 146 $29,200 Hristivoje Pavlovic $5,660
#14-M: $22 six-Max Deepstack 783 $15,660 Askar Myrzakhmetuly $2,440
#14-L: $two.20 6-Max Deepstack 592 $2,500 Joao Pereira $349
#15-H: $215 eight-Max PKO 284 $56,800 Leon Sturm $11,730*
#15-M: $22 eight-Max PKO 1,264 $25,280 Yuri Mumford $3,022*
#15-L: $two.20 8-Max PKO 1,065 $five,000 Danielle Alves $620*
#16-H: $109 six-Max Deepstack 123 $12,300 Samir Maizi $two,536
#16-M: $11 6-Max Deepstack 351 $4,000 Lesley McFaul $661
#16-L: $2.20 six-Max Deepstack 414 $1,000 Mateus Lopes $161
#17-H: $55 8-Max Deepstack 293 $15,000 Aleksandr Semyraz $two,529
#17-M: $five.50 8-Max Deepstack 646 $3,230 Rodrigo Daniel Pra $503
#17-L: $1.10 8-Max Deepstack 427 $500 Gabriel De Oliveira $81
#18-H: $109 Mix-Max 226 $25,000 Henrique Coutinho $4,454
#18-M: $11 Mix-Max 775 $ten,000 Lucas De Oliveria $1,533
#18-L: $two.20 Mix-Max 678 $1,500 Robert Heislbetz $233
#19-H: $55 six-Max Turbo PKO 246 $15,000 Alexandru Baron $two,784*
#19-M: $five.50 6-Max Turbo PKO 554 $three,000 Carlos Dos Santos $475*
#20-H: $109 eight-Max PKO 193 $20,000 Sebastian Sikorski $three,768*
#20-M: $11 8-Max PKO 886 $10,000 Raphael Garcia $1,285*
#20-L: $two.20 8-Max PKO 663 $2,000 Francisco Bargmann $267*
#21-H: $109 7-Max PKO 476 $50,000 Julien Loire $7,197*
#21-M: $11 7-Max PKO 1,359 $15,000 Alvaro Carrillo $1,584*
#21-L: $2.20 7-Max PKO 980 $2,500 Simon Ntege $329*
#22-H: $55 7-Max Turbo 188 $10,000 Daniel Lenton $1,840
#22-M: $5.50 7-Max Turbo 417 $2,000 David Divis $340
#22-L: $1.10 7-Max Turbo 297 $500 Andre Piemontez $84

*involves bounty payments

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