Money Drops Doubled to 1,200 Huge Blinds at GGPoker Every Friday

Cash Drops Doubled to 1,200 Big Blinds at GGPoker Every Friday

GGPoker Rush &amp Cash Friday

The Money Drops in GGPoker’s Rush &amp Money games make the experience of grinding money games all the more thrilling thanks to them adding up to 600 big blinds into the pot. Those Cash Drops can grow up to 1,200 large binds every Friday thanks to a new promotion: Rush &amp Cash Fridays.

Rush &amp Money Friday runs every single Friday, as the name suggests, and see money drops doubled in size if you are seated at a Rush &amp Money table with a member of the GGPoker’s GGTeam. Every single Friday, GGTeam members, GG Influencers, and Friends of GG will hit the action-packed Rush &amp Cash games. Join one particular of their tables and any Cash Drops to happen will be twice the size as usual, meaning these Cash Drops could tip the scales at 1,200 massive blinds.

The promotion runs from 12:00 a.m. by way of to 11:59 p.m. UTC -eight every Friday and at least a single GGTeam Member, GG Influencer, or Friend of GG have to be playing at your table for the Money Drops to be doubled in size.

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What Are GGPoker Cash Drops?

Cash Drops are a single way GGPoker gives value back to its vast player base. They only take place at Rush &amp Cash tables, GGPoker’s take on quickly-fold poker. There is no predicting when Money Drops happen because they are entirely random, but they add lots of excitement when the do because they place amongst 10 and 600 massive blinds into play!

Smaller sized amounts are added to the pot for everybody to attempt win, which creates more action. Bigger Money Drops are divided up and added straight to the stacks of each and every player.

What Is Rush &amp Cash?

Rush &amp Money is GGPoker’s fast-fold variant. You can play No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha Rush &amp Cash 24-hours per day.

You start off by sitting on a standard money game table and the guidelines of the game are precisely the very same, but you have the capacity to rush away from the table and join a new 1. Click the “Rush” button and you are right away whisked away from your current table and placed on a new table with fresh opponents.

It is attainable to rush to a new table at any stage, even if it is not your turn to act, as extended as you are facing a bet.

Rush &amp Money games imply you by no means have to wait extended for a playable hand simply because you basically rush to a new table if you are not satisfied with your hole cards. Hold clicking rush until you are dealt a hand you are happy to play!

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Aid Oneself to a Welcome Bonus Of Up To $600

New depositing players at GGPoker get a one hundred% match up to $600 bonus. Download GGPoker via PokerNews, produce your cost-free account, and determine how considerably you want to deposit because your very first deposit is matched one hundred% up to a maximum of $600.

The bonus funds releases into your playable balance in $5 increments each and every time you produce $20 in money game rake or pay in tournament costs. You have 90 days to unlock as considerably o the bonus as possible any unreleased bonus is forfeited right after this time.

Getting a new GG customer opens the door to the worth-packed Honeymoon promotion. This is only available for the 1st 30-days following producing your GGPoker account, so attempt not to waste any time in acquiring involved.

The promotion revolves about finishing Honeymoon missions. These poker-connected missions incorporate tasks such as winning a pot with a specific hand, playing in a certain tournament, and that sort of thing.

Finishing just 3 such missions rewards you with a $1 ticket to the Omaholic tournament. Continue finishing missions for larger and better prizes, such as $150 money if you manage to complete all 30 Honeymoon missions.

Quantity of Missions Completed Reward
three 1x $1 Omaholic ticket
five $two.50 cash
7 1x $4 T$ Builder ticket
15 T$12.50
20 $20 money
25 T$110
30 $150 money

You get to hold every single prizes as you progress, which means completing all 30 missions rewards you with two tournament tickets, $122.50 worth of tournament dollars, and $175 worth of money, and that is in addition to the $600 bonus!