Zisimopoulos Crowned Irish Poker Master KO Principal Occasion Champion

Zisimopoulos Crowned Irish Poker Master KO Primary Event Champion

Malta has itself an Irish Poker Master KO series champion following Georgios Zisimopoulos overcame 993 opponents in the €1,100 buy-in €1 million guaranteed Main Occasion. The victory came with an impressive haul worth €128,899, created up of a €65,700 very first-place prize and an further €63,199 worth of bounties.

Irish Poker Masters KO Major Occasion Final Table

Location Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Georgios Zisimopoulos Malta €63,199 €65,700
2 Joel Holmberg Finland €20,125 €65,599
3 Maxim Ivanov Russia €9,160 €43,458
4 Thomas Hueber Austria €9,726 €28,170
5 Tamas Adamszki Hungary €7,458 €19,216
six Ivan Lehin Ukraine €12,321 €14,801
7 Pavlo Kolinkovskyi Ukraine €11,921 €10,877
8 Aleksejs Meless Estonia €6,515 €8,638
9 Glib Tremzin Russia €3,250 €6,830

Glib Tremzin was the initial of the finalists heading for the cashier’s desk, regardless of sitting down at the final table sixth in chips. Maxim Ivanov opened to 735,000 from early position with blinds at 175,000/350,000/43,750, and Tremzin called in the massive blind. The flop fell , and Tremzin checked, Ivanov led for 780,000, only for Tremzin to tank-shove for four,301,200 into the two,038,750 pot Ivanov called. It was for Tremzin but for Ivanov. The turn and river failed to alter something, and the final table lost a player.

Estonia’s Aleksejs Meless was the subsequent player out of the door. he open-shoved a shade over eight large blinds from early position, and Joel Holmberg looked him up from a couple of seats across. Thomas Hueber squeezed all-in for 17,441,101 from the small blind, and Holmberg ducked out of the way. Hueber showed , which was comfortably ahead of Meless’ . Hueber paired both his hole cards, and Meless was gone.

Seventh place went to the begin of the day chip leader Pavlo Kolinkovskyi. The action folded to Kolinvoksyi in the small blind, and he moved all-in for 9,260,796 at the 600,,000 huge blind level. Ivan Lehin looked down at and decided it was very good for a get in touch with. Kolinkovskyi flipped over and looked on course to double when the flop fell . However, the turn and river improved Lehin to an unlikely flush, and Kolinkovskyi busted.

Winning Kolinkovskyi’s chips earned Lehin a quick reprieve but he was the subsequent casualty of the final table. The huge blind was now 700,000, and Lehin ripped it in from the cutoff for 8,384,122 with , Holmberg known as all-in on the button with , and Tamas Adamszki more than-named with . Holmberg came out on prime courtesy of a board.

That hand left Adamszki nursing a short stack and, although he added to it, he pushed all-in from under the gun for 17.5 large blinds with and Zisimopoulos re-shoved with . No drama appeared on the board, and Adamszki’s tournament ended abruptly.

The final table grew shorter with the elimination of Hueber in fourth. Ivanov opened-shoved for 15,644,204 with the big blind set at 800,000, and Hueber known as off his 14,120,157 chips from the next seat across. Hueber was a enormous favourite courtesy of his facing off against . That was until an eight on the river ended his tournament early.

The penultimate elimination was that of Ivanov in third place. Ivanov completed the tiny blind for 800,000 prior to Zisimopoulos raised to two,800,000. Ivanov responded by jamming all-in for 25,483,361 in total, which Zisimopoulos swiftly referred to as. Ivanov revealed the and was against . The five neighborhood cards fell , and heads-up was set.

Zisimopoulos went into the a single-on-1 battle with Holmberg holding a important 122,144,590 to 26,955,410 chip lead, and it did not take lengthy for him to press home his benefit.

The final hand occurred during the 500,000/1,000,000/125,000a level. Holmberg committed his last 4.five huge blinds with and Zisimopoulos named with . A deuce on the flop proved to be adequate to hand the title to Zisimopoulos.

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