From Dust to Glory: How de Souza’s LOTW Win Kick-Started His Career

From Dust to Glory: How de Souza’s LOTW Win Kick-Began His Career

Rodrigo Loiola de Souza plays at partypoker beneath the nickname Quick Rib, the alias that won Legend of The Week at the finish of September. The 28-year-old pro won the Leaderboard 4, which involves The Predator and The Clasico tournaments, both with buy-ins of $22.

He topped the leaderboard but didn’t even notice at initial he had no idea that he was the leading player all through the week in these two classic Everyday Legends tournaments.

“I was on a downswing at partypoker, so, I started to play a lot more and far more and managed to get to some tournament results”, Rodrigo told the partypoker blog. Rodrigo revealed he was down approximately $two,000 prior to becoming the Legend of the Week champion.

It is fair to say things really weren’t going so nicely Rodrigo, but that all changed when he began to increase his volume in the Every day Legends tournaments. The 4Bet Poker Group member was never disheartened about his losing spell, and continued increasing the intensity of his everyday grind, which eventually resulted in obtaining himself at the top of the Legend of the Week rankings.

Receiving A lot of Cost-free Tickets

Daily Legends

Strong results and a handful of victories in Daily Legends tournaments gave Rodrigo increased self-assurance. He went complete circle when he finished in first location on the Legend of the Week Leaderboard four, an impressive result that awarded the Brazilian some tournament tickets for events he would not ordinarily play.

“I reached a few final tables and finished second in The Clasico $22 that I play every single day.” Our Every day Legends tournaments are common with recreational and expert poker players thanks to their limited re-entries decreased late registration period, and the truth they finish at a reasonable hour with no sacrificing the structure of the tournament.

Rodrigo’s improved volume and with him enjoying better benefits in Daily Legends has resulted in swathes of tournament tickets landing in his partypoker account.

“I’m not certain if it was the Legend of the Week promotion, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of tickets by way of partypoker. And that motivates me to play a lot.”

Wins and Tickets: The Beginning of a Rush

At 28-years-old, Rodrigo is utilised to the ups and downs of poker brings, so was relatively unfazed by the downswing that he experienced appropriate by means of to September. What he didn’t know is that his success throughout September would be the start of a purple patch of form for him on partypoker.

Everything began to click in spot, and Rodrigo was reaching Every day Legends final tables seemingly with ease.

In early September, Rodrigo reached his very first final table in the Predator. A fourth-spot finish earned him $774. Just a day later, he won The Clasico, for a bankroll-boosting $2,287.

These benefits have been sufficient to win Leaderboard four of the Legend of the Week promotion, and the fantastic final results continued rolling in.

1st, a week later following his Clasico victory, Rodrigo was runner-up in $33 Titan for $1,811. As October began, he took down the $22 Bounty Hunter for one more $666.

The pro kept up the momentum for the duration of November inside the area with a final table look in The Clasico for $524 and then final weekRodrigo was crowned the $33 Grind champion, an accolade that saw yet another $1,574 land in his partypoker account.

Rodrigo seems to have come through the downswing that was plaguing his play for most of the year and then some, and it is all down to the Daily Legends tournaments and the Legend of the Week promotion.

“I really like how partypoker tournament structures are formulated, spend jumps etc. Nonetheless, I wish there had been more $55 tournaments with very good guarantees”.

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